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tips to write in storytelling

Since I actively blogging in 2015, I have experienced many improvement from how to improve writing structure, to learning how to write Creative Writing content in storytelling style. And also, understanding SEO so that the writing is always on 1st page.

I did this because, on being a professional blogger, we can’t just satisfied with one achievement. But, we must have the passion to learn more and more again. Whereas to be a bigger fish, it is not enough to just always depend on current resources at hand.

Moreover, there are still many things out there that I have to learn about blogging. Therefore, it is important to read a lot and learn to open my point of view about everything and expand my interactions with fellow bloggers.

Like Google’s algorithm, which is constantly changing, we bloggers must be able to follow the stream. Even so, making interesting content remains a priority because “content is the king”.


Benefits of Making Storytelling and Creative Writing Content

Whatever platform you write on social media, youtube or blog, a content is still a king. Do you want people to read your writings? Make content that is interesting as possible. Content that must aim at the target audience.

One way of writing to get the attention of many readers is to write storytelling and Creative Writing. This writing techniques will make it easier for us as bloggers, influencer, and content creator to produce content that is a bit bold but still attracts the attention of the audience.

Writing in Storytelling style

making tips storytelling

Storytelling is the art of writing stories in a tell tale style. Whereas the writing will be more interactive by telling the details of the incident so as to stimulate the imagination.

Here are the benefits of storytelling writing

  1. Content becomes more alive and has taste
  2. The message conveyed will be easier to understand and will be easy to remember because it uses a light language style.
  3. Readers will easily remember the message conveyed in writing because usually the storyline is based on a true story and is relevant to the lives of many people.

Making Creative Writing

tips making cretive writing

Creative Writing is writing type that can create imagination, inspiration and high critical power for readers. It’s the same as storytelling, the type of writing that is made lighter, relaxed and not stiff.
The benefits of writing Creative Writing, namely:

  1. Able to convey entertaining and educational information
  2. Can make readers aware of something
  3. Can express thoughts
  4. Able to encourage readers to take an action from the writing that is made.

Tips for Making Storytelling and Creative Writing Content

From the above benefits, making Storytelling and Creative Writing content has an important role so that readers can visit the content we make on the blog. Here are some tips for producing good Storytelling and Creative Writing content.

1. Determine the purpose of writing

Determining the purpose of writing is to target the reader correctly. Where this target will make it easier for us to create relevant content.

2. Make simple writing

Making Storytelling and Creative Writing content does not need to use complicated language, but make simple writing that is easy to understand.

3. Write Emotional Stories

Storytelling and Creative Writing must be able to make readers feel the emotions of the writing they read, such as feeling happy with entertaining writing. Cry or be sad with writing that touches the heart and others.

4. Tragic storyline

In order to make storytelling and creative writing interesting, make a title that describes the contents of the opening story that is interesting and not common. Fill in the writing with details and closing.

5. Make a clear cover

Regarding the closing of the writing, you must make a clear closing of the writing. Where the message to be conveyed can be understood by the reader.


In life, basically we must continue to grow and develop for the better. Not feeling satisfied because you have mastered one thing and not tired of learning more.

Of course as a blogger it would be better not to feel enough to write as it is. But we can hone our writing skills by making Storytelling and Creative Writing. In addition, understand SEO so that it can still exist in the midst of the constantly changing Google algorithm.

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